Absolute Power Corrupts - Absolute Femin Power Corrupts... Absolutely creating a world without men, save for a select breeding stock... if they are lucky. 


      R.I.P.s, or Reticulating Plague Syndrome, blazed like a Death Star with a 100 % morbidity rate throughout the female population. Females enraged and terrified, simultaneously, world-wide, blamed male domination and ecological pollution, and as if infected with the same bloodthirsty dementia, annihilated the male of the species in a savage bloodbath of the most merciless kind.....

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"Brit writer: "SARY'S GOLD Sary, despite persecution and rape in a gold town, beat a man's obsession wanting her more than life. The script won a national award. SARY'S GOLD is one of the strongest protagonists I've ever met. A must read and an Oscar for any actress who can strut her stuff."

Andy Rodman  Literary Department.  The Brogan Agency


"Sary and company are unique tough folks... intrigued by complexity and consistency of dialog much like Deadwood. Plot moves swiftly bringing fresh characters and oddities at every turn...a brilliant, thoughtful work... Action paragraphs are colorful as the script so there is no disconnect...."

The Evaluator




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